The Glen Elm Weekly

The LAST Glen Elm Weekly of the year!


Monday, June 24 Day 4

-The Cree word of the day is ni-pin.  That is the Cree word for Summer!  N-i-p-i-n.  We are so happy that it is funnily ni-pin!

-Ms Surkan and Ms Knolls classes to Ipsco Park


Tuesday, June 25 Day 5

-The Cree word of the day is wi-ya-ti-ko-siw.  That is the Cree word for joyful.  w-i-y-a-t-i-k-o-s-i-w.  We will all be wi-ya-ti-ko-siw in a few days!  

-K’s, and Grade 1/2 classes to spray park.  Have a great time!

-The Grade 5/6 class are headed bowling this afternoon.  We hope it is all strikes for you!


Wednesday, June 26 Day 1

-The Cree word of the day is mi-yo-pay-i-win.  That is the Cree way to wish someone good luck.  m-i-y-o-p-a-y-i-w-i-n.  We wish mi-yo-pay-i-win to all our students, but in particular to our Grade 8s as they head off to high school

-Welcome Graduating students from FW Johnson who are here for their grad walk today!


Thursday, June 27 Day 2

-The Cree word of the day is sip-weh-te-win.  That is the Cree word for holiday!  s-i-p-w-e-h-t-e-w-i-n. After today, we are all on sip-weh-te-win!

-It’s the last day of school!  Hooray!  Congratulations to all our staff and students for a wonderful year.  You have earned 2 months off school! Don’t return until September!

-Grade 8s, enjoy your last day of elementary school!

-There will be an assembly at 9:15 this morning – as soon as we set up you will be called down.

-Report cards will be handed out at 2:30 today.


Friday, June 28

-There is no school for students today.


See you back at school on September 3!