The Glen Elm Weekly

The Glen Elm Weekly


Monday March 25 Day 3

-The Cree words of the week this week are on the theme of Spring.  The Cree word of the day is Sikwan, That is the Cree word for Spring.  The snow is melting and it is time for Sik-wan!

-Thank you to everyone who attended the Celebration of Learning Cultural Fair with their families!

-Welcome Ms Pelletier who will be leading the Grade 6 classroom as Mr Ganes spends time with his new baby Madelyn


Tuesday, March 26 Day 4

-The Cree word of the day is mi-yos-ka-min.  That is the Cree way to say that the snow is melting.  After the mi-yos-ka-min, snow starts melting and the water starts flowing.

-Welcome to Kokum Sharon!


Wednesday, March 27 Day 5

-The Cree word of the day is mi-yo-wa-ta-mo-win.  That is the Cree word for Carnival.  We are happy to be celebrating our French mi-yo-wa-ta-mo-win.  Thank you to Mme Coleman for organizing this event!
-There are Band Sectionals today

-There is a Wisdom Assembly today at 10:45


Thursday, March 28 Day 1

-The Cree word of the day is ni-pi-nas-ka-mi-kaw.  That is the Cree way to say Bare ground after melting snow.  With the warmer temperatures, we see ni-pi-nas-ka-mi-kaw.

-The Grade 7&8 fundraiser is this afternoon in the gym.

-There is Senior Collaboration today and Primary Reading Buddies


Friday, March 29 Day 2

-The Cree word of the day is ko-ni-wa-poy.  That is the Cree word for water from melting snow.  Sometimes we have toothpick races with ko-ni-wa-poy that flows down the street. 

-There is Full Band today

-The GSA Summit is today for those students participating

-There is a soccer tournament this afternoon for the team.  GOOOOO KNIGHTS!