Imagine No Bullying - Rider Presentation

On Friday, March 20, 2015, Glen Elm Community School was excited to host Saskatchewan Roughrider, Dan Clark as a presenter for the Red Cross Program, Imagine No Bullying. Our students learned to ACT and CARE.

ACT is an acronym that stands for

Avoid being alone with the bully

Call for help

Take a stand - stop it or report it

CARE is also an acronym that stands for

Check the scene for safety

Affirm the person being targeted and speak up against the bully

Retreat - and report the situation

End the incident by documenting what happened

All Glen Elm students in grades 5 to 8 attended and took the pledge from We would like to thank Ms. Evans for her work in organizing this event and SaskTel for sponsoring the Riders' players to attend our school and others throughout the province to share the message about reducing or removing bullying in our schools!