April 22 Update


Social - April packages (including maps) will be due by Friday.

Science - National Geographic Video questions will be due tomorrow.

- Determine your impact on the environment using the Ecological Footprint Calculator.

- Remember to return your permission slips (and $3.50) for Crooked Valley ASAP.

Math - p 140 #1-3,6,8 and 9 will get assigned tomorrow and will be due on Friday.

April 7th update

Hey folks, for a short week we are going to be quite busy.


Math p. 133 # 1-4 is due tomorrow

Science - "Supergoo" and "Contact TV" will be due tomorrow

Social - The first 4 articles of the April package will be due the first day back from break (Apr. 20)

Art - Some students have finished their grid art already.  The rest should be done the first week back.

Reading Groups - My group - "Frindle" ch 11 + 12 is due on the 20th.

Writing - Jumble stories - Those who have not sent it to me should do so over the break.

Frindle Quiz

Here is a little quiz for my reading group.


Frindle Quiz

Here are a couple of little quizes for my reading group.

Quiz #1

Quiz #2


February 11 update


The permission slips for grade 5/6 cross-country skiing were sent home today.  If you did not get one, click on the Document Library link.  Please send them back with $1.25 as soon as possible.

Science game

Turn off the sound first before you go to the game.

Golden Pens field trip

The Golden Pens field trip to the Leader post has been rescheduled for Tuesday February 3rd.  Please make sure you have your permission slips signed by then.  If you need another permission slip, you can download and print one from the document library.

Mr. Millar's reading group

This is the website that goes along with the lesson from Jan 23.

January 7th Update

Happy New Year everyone!

I trust that you all enjoyed the holidays and are looking forward to 2009.  The students were excited to be back on Monday and to talk about what they got for Christmas and all that fun stuff.

Please note some important dates that are coming up:
Gr. 6 curling - Jan 9, 15, 23 and 29.  (The students got to meet Jan Betker on Monday and she even passed around her gold medal from the Nagano Olympics!)
Indoor skating at the Mahon - Jan 14am, 20pm and 28pm.

Dec 15

This game is huge waste of time but fun.  I made it through 100 waves of attacks!


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