Thanksgiving weekend message Oct 5-8

Writing - 1st drafts of scary stories were due on Thursday.  If they have been proofread students can word process on their home computers.  Please spellcheck and email to

Social Studies - 2nd article is due next week.

Just a reminder to the winners of our local "Punt, Pass and Kick" competition that the regional finals are on Saturday, 12:00 at the U of R soccer field (Madison and Tanner Bobyck, Dustin Koch, Joseph Grams, Donna Mae Millius, Sabrina Mentuck, Daniel Ross, Melissa Dormuth and Colten Lee)

Oct 2 sci homework assigned today

Assigned today and due Wed oct 3

Sci - 11 vocabulary words - ecosystems, biotic, abiotic, chlorophyll, producers, scavengers, decomposers, consumer, carnivore, herbivore, omnivore

Oct. 1 2007

 Writing Gr 7&8- Scary stories prewriting and first draft (double spaced) is due on Thursday Oct 4

            - Final draft is due (word processed) on Fri Oct 26.


Science  gr 7&8- Oh Deer graps are overdue.


Reading - Gr 7&8 "The Monkey's Paw" is overdue.

             - Gr. 7 "The Revenge of the Blood Thirsty Giant" due Thurs Oct 4

             - Gr. 8 "Ambush" due thurs oct 4


French - Vocabulary test this week


Sept 24 homework

Reading - Gr. 7 "Zoo" due Tues  Sept 25

             - Gr.8 "Catch" due Tues  Sept 25

Writing - Recount worksheet and 1 page detailed draft were both due Fri Sept 21

Math - Group Zim and Group Gir Math Makes Sense p 202 #1-4

         - Group Dib worksheet p 380

Science - p 17 #1-4

Some of you still owe $4.25 for agendas.  Please get this in ASAP

Listen to morning announcements for volleyball practice schedule. 

Sept. 14th homework update

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog. I am the grade 7/8 teacher at Glen Elm and Mr. Jan (student teacher) and myself will update this periodically with messages and homework.

Writing - 2nd draft Summer Recounts (typed) due today.

Social studies - Maps due today

Reading - Gr. 7 "the Wretched Stone" due Wednesday

Gr. 8 "The Street that got Mislaid" due Wednesday

Health - The Nest due today

Mr. Harris

 Mr. Harris teaches all subjects in the school. Managing all this and coaching various sports seems like a daunting task but Mr. Harris manages this without any difficulty.


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