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Due to THREE WAY CONFERENCES there will NOT be school for students on Monday, March 21st!

We hope to see all parents at the conferences. If you are unable to make your scheduled time, please contact your child's teacher at 306-791-8588 to arrannge an alternate time!

Grade 8 Farewell Parents' Meeting

On Tuesday, March 21, 2016 at 6:30pm, all parents of grade eight students are invited to attend an organizational meeting for the Grade 8 Farewell this June. We hope to see all parents there!

Martin Academy Registration

High School Open House for Grade 8 Students

The schedule found here lists the Grade Eight Open House Schedules for all Regina Public Schools.

Glen Elm Community School's grade 8 students will attend FW Johnson Collegiate. Our grade eight students are invited to attend their open house on Thursday, March 3 at 7:00pm!


Changes to Grade 1 Transportation for the 2016-2017 School Year in Regina Public

Grade 1 Transportation for the 2016-2017 School Year

Regina Public Schools, effective with the 2016-17 school year, will be changing its transportation procedures for Grade 1 students. You will have been contacted directly by letter if this change applies to your family. If you did not receive a letter, but think this applies to you, please contact your school principal.

Here are some of the details of the changes, for your information. Starting with the 2016-17 school year, only Grade 1 students who reside or whose caregivers reside more than 1,200 metres from their designated school will be eligible for transportation. This is a change from previous years where the distance from school requirement was 600 metres.

Transportation eligibility is based on Regina Public Schools Administrative Procedure and guidelines, as outlined below:

  • Eligibility for Regular Program transportation includes the following:
  1. Students must reside inside the transportation services area for the designated school,
  2. Students must be enrolled and attending their designated school,
  3. Kindergarten students who reside 0.6 km or farther from the designated elementary school are eligible for transportation,
  4. Other elementary school students who reside 1.2 km or farther from the designated elementary school are eligible for transportation.

Please be aware, however, that students may be eligible for an exception for transportation based on the guidelines listed below.

  1. Exceptions may be permitted on Regular Program school buses but not on Regular Program light vehicle transportation (cabs, vans),
  2. Exceptions may be permitted for students attending their designated school only if,
  1. The existing stop is more than 1,000 metres from the designated school,
  2. The student walks to an existing stop and there is room available on the school bus, and
  3. The student is in grade 1 to grade 5.

Exceptions will only be granted if doing so will not affect the safety, economy or efficiency of the transportation service.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact your principal. For a list off all schools, follow this link.

Regina Public Schools' Annual Meeting Tuesday January 26th

Christmas Holidays

The last day of classes prior to Christmas holidays will be this Friday, December 18, 2015. There will be a 2:30pm dismissal this Friday.

Christmas Holidays will be from Saturday, December 19th through to Sunday, January 3, 2016.

School will resume on Monday, January 4, 2015.

Happy Holidays!

Santa Store

Glen Elm Community School is holding our Annual Santa’s Store on December 16, 2015 this year. Thank-you to  Southey Catholic Church, WestJet, Jack Mackenzie School, McVeety School, Lakeview and all of our individual donors. Also thank-you to our SCC members and community volunteers for setting this up for our students.

Each student will be able to purchase gifts in the Santa Store for members of their family. Each gift will be sold for 25¢ with proceeds going to our School Community Council. Purchased gifts will be gift wrapped by a member of the Glen Elm SRC. Parents and caregivers have been asked to help their children prepare a list of family members for whom their children would like to purchase a present and to have their child(ren) bring this list to the Santa’s Store!


SCC Bake Sale

The Glen Elm Community School's School Community Council will once again be hosting a bake sale and turkey draw at this year's Christmas Concert that will be held on December 10, 2015 at FW Johnson Collegiate.  Parents are asked to assist by donating baked items for the SCC's bake sale.  These items can be dropped off at the school on the morning of December 10th or at FW Johnson Collegiate after 5:30pm. The sale will take place starting at 6:00pm. Please consider donating food items! All proceeds from the bake sale/turkey draws will be used to support school learning programs and student activities!


School Website - Translations

The Regina Public School Board and Glen Elm  Community School websites are now translatable through Google Translate! Check out the new feature on the website.

 Details and directions are available here.

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